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"Lead Mining Bears"

   A long, time ago in a little village at the top of the hills lived a bear community.   Our bears worked very hard in the lead mines, which were deep inside the hills.
  Our story starts very early one morning.  Fires were being lit, pots were filled and set on the stoves and breakfast was underway.  There was only on thing to have in the village for breakfast and that was porridge.  You could have it with sugar or with salt but it was always topped off with the creamiest milk from Mr. McGregor's farm.  Mr. McGregor was one of the few bears who didn't work in the mine.
  Mr. Moffat was a supervisor in the mine and that was a very important job, as he had to make sure that everything worked properly so that everyone was safe. Mines...
The opening page of "Lead Mining Bears"
by Lee Gilmore.
Available from Bearl-ly Reminiscent.
Jake and I look forward to welcoming you to "Bearl-ly Reminiscent" the home of the famous Leadhills' Mining Bears and telling you all about their great adventures over the last few hundred years. When you visit Leadhills make sure you keep an eye out for the bears and the hill-billies.
Mining Bears are very shy and great at hiding so you must keep a really good look out. Remember  to always be good and keep the village tidy because even if you can't see the bears, they will be watching you.
We hope to see you very soon,
Best wishes,
Lee and Jake Gilmore
Autumn 2009